ACIL’s 5th anniversary!

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My company exist for five years. I did not want to let its anniversary go unnoticed. Building a successful company is challenging.

I strive to get the most out of it. I do experience, belief and feel that. Telling my truth to other people is a drive for me. In doing that, I challenge people to get the best out of themselves, even if they did not believe they could achieve that.

I have never been someone who did the things the way they should. I think that characteristic is partly responsible for the success I have now. Using this ability, I can help my clients to approach challenges from different perspectives.

For the success of my company, I also owe you. To celebrate the fruitful collaborations, I have planted, in cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer, 100 trees. I want to thank a few people in particular:

  • Leonie, working at Pernod Ricard Netherlands. I appreciate our open and honest way of working together. I am proud of the people working at PRN and I’m glad that I can work with them.
  • All of the students who wrote a BA or Ma thesis under my supervision: Business studies UvA, USBO Utrecht University, BMG Erasmus University, HR studies Tilburg University. I enjoy challenging you both theoretical and mentally. Furthermore, I really appreciate and enjoy it that some of you still contact me once in a while.
  • Margriet, an awesome person as well as my coach. Thank you so much that you always believed in me and motivated me to get everything out of life. I owe a lot of my growth to your support.

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