wetenschap1Section Editor Leadership: Philosophical/Theoretical/Qualitative Issues

Journal of Business Ethics, Springer

I am associate editor of the “Journal of business ethics” for the leadership section. This enables me to be well-informed of the most current research in our field and I enjoy sharing this knowledge with you via my newsletter: please subscribe on the right of this page.

This section focuses on scientific papers that research leadership and ethics from a philosophical or theoretical perspective or based on qualitative methods. New and upcoming theories regarding leadership are the main focus of the journal. We encourage articles that present new models on ethical or value-driven leadership within the public and private industry, and articles presenting educational models to teach ethical leadership.

Section editor Leadership

Encyclopaedia of Business and Professional Ethics
Deborah C. Poff, PhD is editor-in-chief of the Springer encyclopaedia on professional and organizational ethics. I am member of the editorial board. Every member is responsible for presenting 10 topics that you may write yourself or that you can co-author with other experts in the industry. My focus is leadership.