For ambitious leaders who want to integrate their life mission in their work and want to lead in a powerful and relaxed way.

ACIL offers an exclusive 6-months leadership program for you:

  • This program is designed for pioneering managers with a mission
  • Break down organisational walls, make partnerships more meaningful and achieve breakthrough results
  • Method based on ethics
  • Start: March 2017


Want to join our 6 month program? This is what you can expect:

  • 1-on-1 coaching with Karianne
  • Theme-based days with a group of like-minded leaders
  • Together we create a “mastermind group”, like-minded leaders who will inspire you and who you can inspire. This is what Napoleon Hill, the author of bestseller “Think & Grow Rich”, said about the value of a mastermind group: “No great success is possible without the power of the mastermind.”
  • Bonus 2x: Value Test: access to an online value test that maps your top-10 personal and organisational values. Emergency coaching: Personal coaching on specific issues that you come across. You have unlimited access to emergency coaching.

As a leader you want to be successful with your team, your organisation and in society. But how do you become a great leader?

This 6-month program helps you to open up and reconnect with others, yourself and your life mission. It is crucial to really share your thoughts with your people and clients, and be humble. Open up. Be the example, and behave in a way that you would like your people to behave. Say what needs to be said. No masks, no hidden agendas. Don’t hide behind rules and procedures. This will make you and your people more innovative and powerful. It will make everyone grow and you will achieve astonishing results.

You will learn the skills, the theory and the mind-set to achieve meaningful partnerships and great results. You will experience your work and life as more light and comfortable.

This program guides you through 7 steps:

  1.  You create your vision on ethical decision-making, which will enable you to make faster and more effective decisions.
  2.  You learn to live your life mission by setting clear goals. This will make you authentic, and will create a safe and trusting environment for your team.
  3.  You learn to stop judging, which enables you to distinguish better where opportunities lie. Using opportunities equals innovation.
  4. You learn how to create your leadership position within your organization, which enables you to get your message across better. This will increase your impact.
  5. You will discover and distinguish the pitfalls that might undermine you as a leader. This will minimise ineffective behaviour and create long term impact.
  6. You learn how to deal with conflicting interests in order to create meaningful teamwork.
  7. You learn how to balance responsibilities effectively. Everyone will feel considered and heard. This will make your people and clients more engaged.

If you join the program, this will be your result:

  • You will be connected with what you find important in life; you will be able to apply it and reflect upon it in order to be the best version of yourself.
  • You will have set very clear goals based on your life mission and created an action plan to achieve those goals.
  • You enjoy your work and it energizes you, which will make you more successful.
  • You recognize ineffective behaviour and will be able to change it in order to increase your effectiveness.
  • If needed, you will be able to put your own interest aside in order to make others excel.
  • Even under pressure, you will be the leader you want to be, which will make you successful under all circumstances.
  • You will be able to communicate at various levels, which increases your impact.
  • You will be able to open up and connect, which improves the work you do with your people and your clients.
  • You will be able to back your vision, which will increase the impact of your message.
  • You will be able create a safe environment, so others will feel comfortable to speak up. This results in creative achievements.
  • You will be able to consider issues from various perspectives, which will help you to make deliberate decisions that are effective in the short and long term.

This program will suit you if….

This program will be of great benefit to you if you are an intelligent, ambitious, self-aware leader who wants to make a difference in the world. You are a pioneer with a social mission, who wants to take a leading position in society, and be yourself at all costs. You are willing to speak up and you want to live your life based on your life mission. You feel an urge to share your message, your story and your valuable knowledge. You are the kind of hard-working leader who also wants to enjoy life. You are constantly trying to find the right balance between building a great team and getting inspired by family, friends, and arts & culture, because you know that you need the out-of-work inspiration. Freedom is of high importance to you.

The building stones of the program:

  • Personal Intake: During the intake we will discuss the value test and we will determine your personal learning objectives
  • 4 thematic masterclasses: With a group of max 12 participants we delve into four themes. The knowledge and skills of the group will help you to become more successful as a leader.
  • 4 individual coaching sessions with Karianne: The individual sessions are a great opportunity to discuss your personal challenges in relation to your goals. I will help you to implement what you have learned, which will enable you to make real progress.
  • 4 Mastermind Sessions (by phone): Personal answers to your questions and an opportunity to be coached. These sessions will increase the pace of your progress and apply what you have learned.
  • Leadership assessment plus coaching: You will receive feedback of people in your direct environment in an online assessment. We will discuss the results in an individual coaching session, which includes directions for growth.
  • Weekly Report: By reporting on your actions, you will measure results and you will keep on moving forward. Karianne will give you feedback on your report.
  • Workbooks: You will receive workbooks with theory, models and exercises. These are valuable references on the knowledge you have received and will help you to apply them.
  • Bonus 1: Value Test: Do our online value test and map your top-10 of personal and organizational values.
  • Bonus 2: Emergency coaching: Personal Coaching on challenges that you encounter along the way. You have unlimited access to the emergency coaching service.

About Karianne

My name is Karianne Kalshoven and since 2006 I help leaders to be great leaders by focusing on ethics. I find it important to give the right example, and I do so by being successful, focusing on my own goals and be sincere in the meetings I have. With a background in labour and organisational psychology, a PhD in ethical leadership and in-depth training as a leadership coach, I share my knowledge, experience and network with others. My clients are larger companies such as Rabobank, Pernod Ricard Netherlands, Fokker as well as universities and SME’s. My mission is to make the world a better place. I want to do that by helping leaders to become great leaders.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Only the best result is good enough for us. That is why this program is exclusively for leaders who really want to make a difference. That requires a certain attitude, ambition and mind-set. In my experience, a small, open and safe group will help you to grow much faster.

Would you like to join the leadership program? Please contact us for a personal interview to find out what the program can do for you. The interview is free of charge, there are no strings attached and it is strictly confidential. Let’s connect and contact me at