I am Karianne and a labour and organisational psychologist, I have my PhD in ethical leadership and follow continuously in-depth training as a leadership coach. For more than ten years, I help ambitious leaders to be great leaders by focusing on ethics. I find it important to give the right example, and I do so by being successful, focusing on my own goals and be sincere with the people I meet. I share my knowledge, experience and network with others. My clients range from large companies such as Rabobank, Pernod Ricard Netherlands, Fokker to universities and SME’s. My mission is to make the world a better place. I want to do that by helping leaders to become great leaders.

People know me as an honest, open and fair person, a giver, warm and direct, and with those qualities I succeeded in setting up a thriving business. I enjoy it every single day. This was however not always like that. When I started out, I was not successful at all. For quite some years, I struggled with how I could make myself with these qualities of use for the world.

With my team I am actively engaged in science. In the last few years, I was associate lector at Hogeschool Holland where I did research on values and ethics in organisations. My team member Maarten Debets is associated with Utrecht University as a researcher and teacher, and presented his results last year at the HRM Networking Conference. We are on top of all current research results, apply it in our work, and we have a great network with interesting speakers and academics. Get in touch with Karianne and her team.

Editor Leadership for Journal of Business Ethics

I am associate editor of the Journal of Business Ethics for the leadership section. This enables me to be well-informed of the most current research in our field and I enjoy sharing this knowledge with you via my newsletter: please subscribe at the right of this page. Read more.

In the News & Other Publications

With my team I am actively engaged with science. We frequently publish articles on leadership and ethics. An overview of our publications.

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Karianne Kalshoven

Entrepreneur, pioneer, highly motivated, innovator, true to beliefs, energetic, loving, go-getter, connector

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