Do you want to become a more powerful and relaxed leader? ACIL offers three programs that suit your available time and situation: an exclusive 1-on-1 day, a result-focused, in-depth leadership program and a workshop ethical dilemmas for your entire team.

Would you like help on which program suits you best? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to share ideas, knowledge and inspiration with you. It’s free of charge and does not commit you to anything. Get in touch with us today!

1-on-1 Personal Day for Leaders

Trusting yourself and others is crucial. You and your team can only excel when everyone trusts each other. Our 1-on-1 Day focuses in-depth on your core values and on trust. How do you create a safe work environment? How do you ensure that your people take their own responsibilities? In 5 steps, you will strengthen the connections with yourself and others. You will see an immediate positive effect on your results. More on our Personal Day.

Be quick: only 6 1-on-1 days available until the end of the year!

Leadership program: become a powerful and relaxed leader

Leadership a skill that you can learn and just like any other skill it needs development and attention. The leadership program focuses in-depth on how you can apply the 7 steps towards powerful and relaxed leadership in your everyday working life. How do you balance conflicting interests? How do you stay true to your moral compass? How can you be strong and open at the same time?

This program is for ambitious managers who want to grow as a leader. Would you like to be inspired on how to contribute to openness, trust and fairness in your organisation? Would you like to have more impact? Would you like to improve as a leader? Find out more on our leadership program.

Workshop Core Values & Ethical Dilemmas

Every day you will be confronted with small and large ethical issues. Sometimes it is a minor consideration, other times it is a matter of “legally right, morally wrong.” It is very meaningful to consider these types of dilemmas with your team, in order to develop a joint moral compass. This creates trust, consistency and a clear story for each other and your clients.

In our workshop “Core Values & Ethical Dilemmas” we map the core values of you and your team: your personal values, core values of the organisation and ethical dilemmas in your work. Together, we identify values and dilemmas. We provide you with proven methods to deal with ethical dilemmas.

Do you want to delve into ethical challenges with your team? Get in touch with us